A perfect Pop Song Co-write

Co-writing "Things Change"

This tune is a monster smash hit.

AC and I have been working diligently on this song for months now - the lyrics were picked apart and gone over until we were both seriously happy with them. At the end of the process when we wrote in the last lyric the hair stood on the back of my neck. I have a sheaf of paper's an inch thick of re-writes - but it was all worth it -' just cause you write the verse first doesn't mean its the first verse' ...Pat Pattison.

We produced the track in MB's studio in NJ in Summer time looking out over a lovely golf course and he suggested we change the key again to suit the target singer. It was an accurate and great suggestion and in all was the third key change. Producer did an excellent job recording a guitar based track with some programmed drums from EZ Drummer with some fills played and quantized to taste.

We booked the Singer and Studio and late last Wednesday we finished the track - I'm very pleased with the POP appeal of it and now I can't wait to get it played and into the hand's of some music industry types.

While preparing for the track the vocalist (a Pro who I would definitely recommend) did feel that there was quite a stretch in the intervals from start to chorus but upon analysis we believed he could do it as the high note was high b and he was thereabouts. So we went for the session and it was a cool experience watching both the singer and engineer do their thing.

The singer took the take of the verses first then tackled the Choruses and bridge section- final piece was the outro and I really love the notes he sang in that section as it fades out.

It's a smash I tell ya!

About us:
JM and AC are an up and coming professional songwriting team on the NYC scene.
Member of several professional writers and composers organizations, SGA, NSAI SHOF ASCAP etc.
Award winning, dedicated to honing and improving their song craft by writing hit songs.


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