Christmas - it's been a great year

Christmas List

In 2008 I declared 2009 was going to be my best year ever and it has been pretty awesome. In early 2009 I set a goal with myself to play out at least once per month and in December I made 4 appearances -

Duplex Songwriter's Night

I sang The Unemployment Blue's and My new Christmas Song

Bar 169 - LES NYC
I have to say this was a challenge and though I put a lot of effort into promoting it (City Blogs, Skint )did not get the turn out desired but I had a great night and had a really convivial Christmas celebration with some close friends and co-writers. Thanks be to God for co-writers, it's a lonesome and unsure path being a songwriter and one needs faith hope and good friends to support along the way.

The Sackett Bar - Brooklyn NYC

This was the Christmas celebration for and I as their 'adopted troubadour' showed up to play The Unemployment Blues. I met some really cool people there and it was a great opportunity to play this meaningful topical song out in the open.

The Mud Spot 307 East 9th Street

This was a Solistmas Chrismakkawanzaa Celeberation organized by my NSAI friend and NYC chapter member Rob T. Forgive my spelling of the title of the event but its a nice thin place with an LSD feel on the decorations - kind place and a little back area where we had a celebration with other folkies and guest artists playing a number of tunes - a singing accountant, a kid friendly singer songwriter a real Greenwich village folkie and a few more such as myself getting in our last opportunity to play our Christmassy hits.

Happy Christmas to one and all !

Love peace friendship



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