LAUGHJOHNLAUGH! Unemployment Blues Irish Tour August 2010

I am taking a road trip while I am visiting the 'auld sod' and take in some gigs and performance opportunities while I am there

LAUGHJOHNLAUGH! The Unemployment Blue's Tour of Ireland 2010

08/22/10 Cavan Fleadh
08/24/10 The Bankers Open Mic
08/25/10 The Globe Georges Street The Song Room - 9.30 pm
08/24/10 Cork Location - The Oak TBC
08/2710 Belturbet Co Cavan TBC

I hope to plant some seeds in Ireland and increase visibility for further more extensive tours.

I would love to get on the Radio to play some tunes like The Unemployment Blues and Bailout as 1/3 of the young men between 20 and 30 are unemployed in Ireland right now.

I will also look for other opportunities to promote my other entrepreneurial ventures.



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