Google knows EVERYTHING

MTA Google Subway ads - Google wants top level access to YOU!
It began as a niggling feeling that something was n't right.

Everywhere I went it seemed someone was following me.... who could it be and why would they want to know EVERYTHING about me, am I so important? I saw the name GOOGLE everywhere etched on every store and signpost - brought to me by google ... "who is Google? how do they know who I am and why do they know so much about me?" ... I want my info back I cried vainly of course. Everything is GOOGLE now.
Why Share Everything with GOOGLE? 
Then it started happening - from out of dark alleys and crevices came salesmen of all hues and stripes - opening a coat here - "how about a nice watch? I know Mr wants a nice watch ... 'ear sirr 'ow a bou' a noice piece o' gold for the lady ... how did they even know I had a lady and I was looking for a nice piece of jewelry?
... how about this guitar? it was the very guitar I searched for the other day.
On and on they shouted offer piling on offer til I was sick with surfeit. Do you mean to search for 'Sore Feet' someone asked ever so helpfully, "we are just here to help" they purred...

Whatever I once wished or asked for was now provided, but it was all too much, too knowing, too creepy. From everywhere they came, bearing their over stuffed carpets bags and drowned me in their cries - like my world had turned into a mad over populated middle-east market  bazaar of over friendly trinket salesman. Brought to you by GOOGLE. We know who you are.

As I fell backwards under the feet of the market place hawkers I heard Google cackle - "do not harm, do no harm ..."

LAUGHJOHNLAUGH  goes to Sergey Brin's House to have a snoop

I have a show 28th March 2012 - 7:30 pm at CEOL bar 191 Smith Street - F train to Bergen street


POSTSCRIPT - Privacy Policies of an Advertising bundler follow - they have gathered personal behavior data about me (us)  and we have no idea what they harvest or gather and what we get out of the deal -

aka The Snoopers Charter of Behavioral Ethics - My Arse!

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