TV Show March 31 Midnight - The April Fools - Special #2


Air date: 
  • 12 midnight Saturday 31st to 12:30 am Sunday 1st April -  Schedule



BCAT TV Channels
  • Time Warner -channel 56
  • Cablevision -channel 69
  • RCN -channels 84
  • Verizon FIOS -channel 44
  • Other Boro's on FIOS - channel 42-45

Special features of this show are World Premiers of a new Music Videos and two special guest artists.

New World Premier of song and video - 'Disappointed Me'

Music Show

With a warm welcome for Special Guest: Warren Malone showcases the beautiful video for his song "Three Years in Nebraska"

Peter Litvin is the Music producer of The Bum Song, 12345 Flowers and Disappointed Me. He is a producer of films and actor in the upcoming feature movie titled "Hectic Knife" This evening he takes a trip to The Smip Galaxy in a short film titled 'Grimmy Smip"


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