Corporate Douchebaggery 101 and other thievings

I was considering my video for my song "Did I leave the cubicle... or did The cubicle leave me?" and also looking for work related topics and jobs on other job sites.

It seems to me there are two types of jobs on offer on Craigslist.

The cool ones and the uncool ones. Either way you are fucked.

Fast Paced Environment:
One with the "Fast Paced Environment" tag line = so in case you don't know this means we are going to fuck you over , you will never get a break - your boss is a complete double-talk fictionalizer and his protector 'go-to' is a she Rottweiler. She is a New Yorker hound and her savage teeth protrude slobbering from her greedy little eyes and cling viciously to your bleeding leg... Christ, you will plead with your maker to take her far away from you and stop her incessant barking. Her favorite word is "pushback" Ypour life is not worth living go ahead push her back on her skinny overpaid BS - ypu will feel better in a few years for doing it. Ahhh well you can say while living in your parents basement ... at least I told her X, Y or Z. Integrity is priceless. The corporation wants to eat every part of you. Yum.

No Vacation:
So there you go did I mention you won't get any vacation either and no paid holidays ... see fast paced environment above. You will work on Christmas Day and Easter and there's no celebrating freedom in this place on 4th July either. You will be filled full of shit about growth and the company to bursting point. Yes corporate douchbaggery part 1... to be continued.

Lying Scumbag CEO/COO/or other acronym
So if you flee the lying CEO and the greedy owner into a cool environment - then it's into yeah man come in any time you like, wear what you want man! we have a keg and a pool table - yeah right but no pay great we are looking for interns - or before you start work you are asked to say how little you are willing to work for... even if it is in a cool place you will work your ass off and never mind you can't make the rent ... pretend it's Apple for $11- an hour oh no it is $11- p.h. in Apple - that's a fucking laugh. You hear 'don't believe the hype' yet our gen is the most shit eating crowd ever and they say yummy we want some more!

Fucking Freedom - when is it coming America? the main thing is either way you won't benefit - you are so fucked kids no matter how hard you work or good you are.Did I bitch about the recent shite deal where you need to get a job the instant you leave college cuz your loans kick in right away - you are so FUCKED kids n no one tells you so.

So anyway I need to change my Did I leave the cubicle video to something more like: I hate my fucking job and my boss is a monstrous douchebag liar - oh he was and still assuredly is still. Fuck so how can I put this in a blog - where's my first amendment rights.


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