MPK 49 by AKAI Review of the Pooped Key - (its supposed to read Popped John ED)

Mpk49 Controller Review
AKAI Mpk49 Keyboard has no inbuilt sounds - it's just a controller - it is overpriced and it breaks at the first chance it gets.
Not Recommended:  do not buy this MPK49 Keyboard as it suffers from a syndrome called the Auto PoP Off Key Syndrome - APPOFKS

Whats that acronym APOK? that's what AKAI told me to do ( APPOFKS OFF or summat) when I asked the incredibly aggressive "no never heard of this ever ever ever happening before" "you are the first ever ever ever case of this happening" angry man on the customer service help line. Oh Yeah? It's all over the AKAI guys own message boards AKAI and still he said I was the first case - what rubbish we put up with.

ScoreCard for AKAI Mpk49
Nullpoints for reliability: 0
Manufacturing QUALITY it is designed to break:  0
Customer Service:  minus -10

How do I know this - did I over use it - hardly at all, in fact I simply left the room and when I returned the key had popped up. See picture of your future if you get this keyboard controller.

AKAI MPK 49 Review - DO NOT BUY 
So if this happened to you and the rude guy says it never ever happened before - say nay you rascal it has verily happened in the past - look yonder on laughjohnlaughs site - the picture shows the popped up key when removed - I had to take ot off so that I could at least play without impediment the other few unopping ones.  Another thing is whats to stop it happening to all the rest of the keys all of a sudden on a tour!!

Alas poor Akai Mpk49 keyboard it's a piece of turd. And I have one - yikes. It's infamous.

AKAI saying it's not their issue is a fib, a lie a turd of a smelly pass the buck about the bad design and shoddy workmanship in this controller keyboard.

There is some guy put a fix together that I could try it requires a screw to replace broken flimsy part. Oh me head?
With a little experimentation I figured out how to fix the infamous popped key
He said LINK and fair dues to him thanks mate, but what help did AKAI offer? Well I could purchase the complete keys mat for next to $200 - bucks - aww come on AKAI... that's nearly the cost of a new instrument (except its not an instrument at all either).

We can't trust this garbage to a gig! They might own up and instead of me having to take my review to the internet streets and diss them. But the diss is deserved and so respondez vouz. Leave a message please on the comments if this has happened to you too - so there Mr Akai Master Jiu Jitsu blame thrower customer service no help man can see it and shrug and stuff massive doughnuts in his fibbing face.

Guitar Center
Oh yes and I got it in Brooklyn Guitar Center at the Target Center Atlantic Pacific - and they were dolts who couldn't reprint my original sales receipt. Sorry guys you never returned my calls and I spoke to you personally on phone.  Oh well so it doesn't affect sales - it so does - no point being all squshy and lovey dovey when I'm buying the crud and then giving me the cold shoulder when there is an obvious issue you. You don't get paid to fix just to sell and so that affects your future sales. I can go elsewhere.

Mpk49 Controller Review
AKAI Mpk49 Keyboard has no inbuilt sounds - it's just a controller - it is overpriced and it breaks at the first chance it gets.

AKAI PART # for the replacement mat called a Key Bed Assembly is # TWBAEP-490-W-AF and the part that falls off is approx size of a little fingernail and square ish. I'd love to have found the piece that fell off so I could maybe try glueing it back on.


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