It's nearly Christmas time in the city and I'm still trying to ignore it, never learning that a last minute dash at the end to get to the shops and make the post is n't really that fun-clever. But I do have a good time overall and this year I have some skin in the game. I am on a Christmas CD! You can read what the reviewers have been saying below - my fav shout out is 'grin-inducing'

  So if you are still looking for a present that will please a party, soothe the spirit or be the soundtrack for this years festivities do consider this:
"Together for Christmas - A Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection."

Knock a 'to do' off your list and BUY the CD right now and have it for Christmas wrapping here - http://togetherforchristmas.com/store.html

The reviews have been amazing, the radio airplay is fab and there is still time to get a copy - it has Damian Demsey, The Celtic Tenors, Kyf Brewers amazing song 'Whiskey for Christmas" Larry Kirwan, The Wild Colonial Bhoys etc
and 1-800-714-3272 for phone sales in the US
But it's always better to have someone else speak its praises -

"It's an instant must, a wonderful combination of familiar and new, upbeat and mellow."

The Irish Examiner USA December 11th 2012

Then the CD picks us up again with the grin-inducing joyous "Happy Christmas" from John Munnelly
Irish Examiner USA December 11th 2012

"John Munnelly adds that Beatlesque touch with the jolly Happy Christmas". -

There are many cheerful and pretty moments on the album, but the highlights for me include Cavan native John Munnelly singing a song he wrote about the birth of Jesus simply titled Happy Christmas.

Sounds Around /The Irish Echo by Liz Noonan 12.12.12  
(WFUV Radio Ceol na nGael)

Path Cafe
Saturday 29th December 7pm
131 Christopher Street

Well its time to wish you an amazing and hope filled 2013 remember this evening is the longest night of the year (Winter Solstice) and we are then turning the corner into the sunshine ...
Love and affection and as my Christmas song says


John Munnelly


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