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HELLO WORLD - Goodbye Kevin 

Its with regret that we are bidding a farewell to our bassist and f
riend Kevin O'Reilly during this Summer. He is going to Miami to hang out there, write a novel and/or catch fish or something cool anyway.  So he is a seriously good musician and all round cool guy so please come out and say bye- bye to him at one of our shows. If you have not caught the laughjohnlaugh band in this current line up please make it along. We'd love to see you there.

John Munnelly and Band Shows in June/July - NEW SHOW CALENDAR

First up is Kitty Kiernan's Bay Ridge and we are calling this My Birthday SHOW so come along and wish me Happy 22nd (huh!) birthday. No picture in the attic here at chez Munnelly. It's on the 22nd !

Next concentrating again in South Brooklyn and virtually across the street or Block is Kelly's Tavern - First time here for us and looking forward to that - get hammered, wasted messed up and still have change to get home in the fastest Taxi in Brooklyn right outside the door - or the R train whichever is your preference of limousine.

Following day I swing up to Long Island City and to a Comedy club to take part in a variety show - likely to be a short SOLO performance but will be worth it for the range and fun to be had in The Creek and The Cave, LIC NYC. Its an acronym rich place.

Not to be outshone - we intend to dazzle along the home stretch of Cortelyou Rd - our local hip and happening street. A Q train to BAR CHORD - no fuzz in this bar so get down for a vocal slam dunk in dearest Ditmas park Brooklyn!


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