Feeling the heat? Chill wit' us dis weekend - in Bar Chord Itunes Releases HELLO WORLD

Hows it going - happy 4th the work of a muso is never done so I have been spending 4th July updating and promoting shows -  sending an update hope to make it to press!

Game Of Thrones Folkies -
Note on graphic: fair use I hope ( if not then sorry) Anyone see the Game of Thrones Folk Group - just before murder and mayhem commenced on the who wants to be a member of the mostly doomed STARK family.

Feeling the heat? Chill wit' us dis weekend - in Bar Chord

Here in Brooklyn the weather gets tropical - and we celebrate the ideals and spirit of Independence with a vocal forward acoustic show with 3/4 band members this weekend in lovely Cortelyou in Ditmas Park.  For admirers of guitars a 'pun'-ishing good bar supporting live music has opened up along Cortelyou Rd. Join us there please on Saturday - every show is different.  ... The Download cards at show are "pay what u want"
Get yourself to fun on Cortelyou Road this Saturday  - Bar Chord is Q train, left out of station to 1008 Cortelyou <MAP> til just before Coney Island Avenue.

NEW VIDEO Legends by John Munnelly

LEGENDS - new video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf5QedtNi5w&feature=youtu.be

New CD HELLO WORLD online iTunes http://bit.ly/1216XPR and attached 


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