It's a wrong way to Tipperary Peace

It's a long wrong way to Tipperary 

It certainly turned out to be a long long way to Tipperary for Cavan born and Brooklyn living Singer-Songwriter John Munnelly who was selected as a finalist for the Tipperary Peace Song of Peace Final at the Aherlow House Hotel Tipperary on Thursday July 10th. 2014.

I think my brother put it best;  John "came first in the coming last competition" ;) Thanks Bro, actually it was joint last!  

My distinct memory is that while playing my peace song (see pic below)  the judges seemed harried and busy with some sort of paperwork and paid not the slightest attention to me performing. That's at best vaguely disrespectful towards someone who traveled internationally and paid his own way to be there without a single support from the competition.  I still totally believe in the peace song I wrote and it's not a professional level critique of the song. Maybe they had other stuff to do for the three minutes I played; but give us a chance will ye!

Some of the attendees were there for the Pride of Tipperary that was running after the song part was over - and for the uninitiated to Irish TV if you want to get an idea of what that's about I suppose the 'lovely girls' sketch is worth a look for the fun. Though the girls were ALL cool and they all had lovely bottoms.

You readers and other people considering an entry might play my song and best decide for yourselves whether I have a case of sour artistic grapes or 'we wuz robbed' . Either way I was a pro- I came, I played and I moved on to the next project.

Please judge for yourselves and play my Tipperary song of PEACE



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