Frolicking daughters & gamboling dogs on the white house lawn in shadow of TPP

We have images of frolicking daughters & gamboling dogs on the white house lawn and that's all very nice & v. sweet but her Democratic husband was the shepherd and pushed along the secretive power transfer called the TPP. 

Where is even a sprinkle of the hope & change? & where are the results? By their fruits you shall know them. The fruit of Clinton-ism was Nafta and Obama's fruit is the TPP.  So voting Democrat is not that great in the end, is it?

Einsteins definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result.  Is n't that what the pattern of voting for the the lesser of two evil parties gets? Nothing. Same result - so why do the same thing over again this year?

The TPP shores up and transfers power to those who already have way too much of it allowing them to be the Rule makers. It has been described as a Corporate Trojan Horse.

There is the son of SOPA clause in there limiting internet freedoms and making standard stuff you do online now.

The TPP includes the very controversial investor-state system, which empowers individual corporations to directly sue governments—not in our courts, but in extrajudicial tribunals run by themselves. huh?

Both Hilary and her running mate were pro-TPP and it is still the policy of the DNC.

However this TPP thing will likely be rammed through in September/November so getting onto Obamas blotter as an achievement and the next 2 kids up can say - "was n't us" sorry

Democrats and their superdelagtioiones have if they so choose to the option this week of picking a non establishment candidate or risk losing. Seems the presumptive is not running very strong against the Trumptive in polling.

Fear mongering or hectoring with "oh is n't he so bad cop" is n't going to cut it anymore.

Not voting or voting for neither or some outsider is a definite choice and a sign to the body politic that many have now no faith in these tweedle choices.  It is also a withdrawal of consent to be ruled over for others to benefit.

But the way its structured its probably useless in a 2 party oligarchy unless one of the sides breaks and runs and voting in a non swing state is useless.

If you still believe in the 2 party system that is sweet. There is a wonderful Christmas story about a man who makes America great (again) and a tooth fairy that is a good mother for Wall street ... oh and I have a bridge for sale. 


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