Press Release for BROOKLYN song about Hopsters & Gentrifiers

Song­ Writer John Munnelly Releases “Hilarious” song about Brooklyn Hipsters & Gentrifiers

By John Munnelly: July 7th, 2015

“Brooklyn” takes a jokey lyrical poke at hipster culture but in a fond electro-pop-folk way.


Don't say anything around a songwriter, it’s said; they will take something you say & make it into a song. Just ask Taylor Swifts exes! For local award winning social justice songwriter John Munnelly, he took a voice coming from his TV and made her the narrator of his new song.

“I was sitting there on the sofa hearing the voice of a girl with a mandolin or ukulele and I immediately heard what could be the start of her song.”
The pop­ electronica ­folk song opens up with the narrator at an open mic pouring out her heart earnestly to the ‘pretty boys and tattooed girls’
Kids are having a tough time finding their place today and gravitating to Brooklyn as a place to live out their hipster longings. 

With comedic wit, this song expresses some of the local pessimism about gentrifiers but counterbalances with the struggles of the newbie Brooklynite as well.
Munnelly references local places like ‘Ditmas Park’ and takes aim at some of the hipster shibboleths of fixed gear bikes, kale and artisanal beer.
In live performances John has made his audiences giggle for over a year with the tune and been encouraged to record & release the song. It has been described as ‘Hilarious’ by fans.
“Brooklyn” covers many of the real­-life issues facing the new Brooklynites today, such as living as social media, asking Mom for money and rising rents. 

View the video at 

For more information please visit his website at
Contact: LaughJohnLaugh [at] gmail dot com

Download PDF of Brooklyn PR Press Release here 


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